Dev Blog Update #9

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I’ve changed some stuff around on the site!

Social media icons

In order for the right hand column, or as I like to call it, “The place where I throw everything”, to look a bit more streamlined and tidy, I decided to remake the social media icons and re-size them to fit neatly alongside a typical 4-panel strip.

They are still animated!

Try hovering over them!

I also removed the Extras icon as it was just causing clutter.

You can still access it from the menu bar underneath the site logo.

Comment issues

I’m thinking of ways to reduce the amount of spam in the comments section. Recently, most comments have no relation to the actual comic itself, and each comic’s comment section is becoming more of a grounds for conversation than actual feedback.

In order to rectify this, I have begun testing out the following:

  • Addition of a Chatango panel to the right of the comments section. Chat your hearts out here!
  • For questions or commission information, I’ve set up my Tumblr account to receive Asks.
  • I am also looking into making some official forums, but only when I have some spare time.

While I love reading comments from any and everyone, anything offensive or rude towards other readers will be instantly deleted.

There have already been complaints about the sheer volume of comments with absolutely no meaning, so please think if what are typing contributes to anything before hitting submit!

Nobody wants to read through 100+ comments of junk before having to type anything.

Even if I am partially to blame for replying to most of them.




Look forward for new ways to exhaust your tongue in the future!

Thanks for reading!

Dev Blog Update #8

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about site changes, so brace yourselves!


  • Daifuku has been introduced as the 5th Crazy Sunshine character!


  • The title banner has been updated.
  • The About page has been updated.
  • The Cast page has been updated.
  • The Tumblr rollover has been updated.
  • The Google+ page’s layout has been updated.
  • A Pixietrix comic reel has been added underneath the comic.
  • The Share navigation button has been replaced with a Random Comic one.
  • Random Comic has been removed from the Menubar.
  • Site-wide mouse selection colour has changed from pink to orange.
  • Comic Rank buttons have been removed as the site has been closed.

Child theme

Recently, Crazy Sunshine’s layout and template was built upon the main Comicpress theme within WordPress.

However, since Comicpress and WordPress are updated regularly, this means I needed to re-upload my changes every time one or the other were updated.

Today, I pulled my customized code from Comicpress’s theme and made a separate Child theme, which works as an overlay, meaning any changes I make from now on will be permanent.

Bug fixes

  • Finally removed the white bar across the top of the screen.
  • Comment avatars are now displaying correctly.
  • Extras page password issues have been fixed!

For these new features to appear you will need to hit ctrl+F5 to refresh the page and clear your cache!

As always, let me know if there are any problems that need fixing!

Thanks for reading!

Summer is here!

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It’s summer!

That can only mean one thing!


I am dripping sweat all over my tablet while clutching my chest gasping for air of course!


North Japan is one of the coldest places in the country during winter.

You would think summer would be at least a little forgiving, right?


The problem isn’t really the heat, it’s the humidity.

Even on days with rain and thunderstorms like today, it’s the humidity that will cover you with wet sweats more than the rain itself.


Then there is my personal problem of living in the sticks.

There is no air conditioning anywhere except the supermarket.

Not at home, not at work, heck, even my little Subaru barely kicks out lukewarm air unless you are speeding along the motorway.


What seems to be the problem officer?

We caught you running a red light, sir.

Just trying to beat the heat. Gotta go fast.

Sir, please step out of the vehicle.


There is also the issue of Japan trying to save energy after the Great Touhoku Earthquake last year, meaning the use of fans in my workplace is not allowed.

I mean, really.

It’s been over a year, guys.

Gimmie some air.


It seems from now until September, there is no escaping the heat!

Dev Blog Update #7

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Happy 1st Birthday, Crazy Sunshine!


  • The World Map page has been added.
  • The Cast page has been updated with new character images.
  • The Extras page’s Character Ages collections have been fully unlocked through Facebook likes.
  • The Links page has been updated.
  • Google Ads boxes are now functional.
  • The Random Comic button now works in all browsers at last!

As always, let me know if anything is broken, or features you would like to see on the site in the future!

Thank you for all your support over this last year!

Here’s to many more great years to come!


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Source: Digimon /

Crazy Sunshine was taken offline on Sunday.

The network reported a DDOS hacking attempt.


For what purpose though?

I mean, Crazy Sunshine is just a webcomic, haha.

I never realised how popular it was!


Anyway, I’ve contacted my host and backed up the site’s database along with everything else on the FTP.


Whoever was responsible, thanks for reminding me to do so!

Have a good week!

Dev Blog Update #6

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With Crazy Sunshine’s first birthday just around the corner, I wanted to stagger the changes being made to the comic, site, and update schedule rather than throwing it all in your face at once.

Comic schedule changes

From today onwards, Crazy Sunshine will be updated on Wednesdays at 8am JST / Midnight GMT / Tuesdays 6pm CST in order to neatly fit in with my current work schedule.

Thanks for understanding!


As of next week I will be editing the Cast page with updated character profiles and brand new artwork, look forward to it!

I am also thinking about including a World Map and Lore page that shines some history on the world of Crazy Sunshine and the events that happened in the past in order to attract new readers to the comic, and to give a bit of history on where the characters came from.

Lastly, I would like some overall feedback on the site and if there is anything I can improve on!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Comic art changes

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the direction the comic is heading.

Each strip should, and currently can, be read in any order with no real progressive storyline set in stone (including the Crazy Sunshine Chronicle story arcs)

I would like to keep this going, but at the same time, really want to develop the relationships between certain characters.

I am at a total loss when it comes to sticking to my original plan!

So for now, I was thinking the next bunch of CSC story arcs will be tailored more towards a story-driven plot, and not always resulting in a gag per strip.

I think this might be a nice change of pace from time to time!

Again, feedback on this is welcome!

Thanks for reading!

Birthday cake!

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Yesterday was my birthday!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, submitted fan art, or came to the site.


In unrelated news, about a week ago I got a weird ear infection that I thought was just swimmer’s ear.

Even though it was my birthday, after work I sucked it up and went to a scary Japanese clinic to get it checked out.

The doctor was pretty quiet, and obviously since they can’t speak English and thought I couldn’t speak Japanese, they gave me no explanation of what they were going to do to me.

So there I am, pipes up and down my nose and cameras running through my ears, before they finally tell me that my nose is—when translated directly into English—being weird.


Thanks for that.

I’ll remember to book an appointment next time another part of my body gets weird.


Anyway, back to my birthday party. I got a Wii!

Wait, it’s not 2006 anymore?


At least I can finally play Rhythm Heaven and the new Project Zero, though!


Before bed I got one more present.

A homemade, triple layer, strawberry cream cake with chocolate cutouts of—and I quote—

“All that stupid shit you watch on Youtube”.

Fuck me, it’s so hilarious I almost don’t want to eat it.

Dev Blog Update #5

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It’s been an incredibly productive month for Crazy Sunshine, with a ton of positive feedback on the site and a whole bunch of new readers who have joined in on the fun!

So, what’s changed since the last Dev Blog update?


  • The Extras box is fully functional with new content being added all the time! Thanks for supporting the site through Facebook and by voting!
  • More fan art! If you have some spare time and are a fan of the comic, go ahead and email me here: admin [at]!
  • The Links page is now up, and is growing every day! Here you can find banners to use to link back to Crazy Sunshine, or if you own a webcomic and would like it listed, feel free to get in touch!

Bug fixes & additions

  • 404 redirect is now functional.
  • The Staff Roll page has been renamed to Cast in order to fit the Links page in the menubar.
  • Multiple segments of the Cast page have been rewritten.
  • New site banner and updated ad designs.

Future ideas

  • Keyboard navigation for comics when the site is viewed in comic mode.
  • World map section via the About or Cast page, in order to showcase backgrounds and locations of events within the comic.
  • Backstory section via the About or Cast page, in order to quickly recap the basis of the comic for new readers who don’t want to read through the whole Cast page.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome, let me know what you like, what you want to see, or what you think just plain sucks!

Have a great week!

JLPT N3: Passed!

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Yeah boyeee! Looks like all that studying paid off!

That reading section though, god damn.

Looks like I don’t know anything about Sakura trees or people who eat fish.

I’m going to take the level N2 test this December after brushing up a bit more on N3!

Wish me luck!

Dev Blog Update #4

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Let’s talk about what is going down with the site!

Extras page access key update

It seems a lot of you are really digging the content within Extras box!

Thanks for signing up to the Facebook page in order to get access!

Since some readers don’t use Facebook, I have posted the access key over at TopWebcomics as an incentive to vote for the comic.

Try it out, it only takes one click and you would be doing the site a huge favour!

It’d be great if you kept voting every day, but it’s up to you!

Extras page unlockable content update

New content will be available through the Extras box every time the Facebook page reaches a milestone.

Currently there is an outstanding 241 participants, with new content being unlocked every 100 likes.

So start recruiting, as something spectacular will happen if that number breaks 1,000!

Art page fixes & dialogue updates

Ever since the old archive of comics were hauled into the Extras box a lot of lingering problems with previous comics are still present.

These include spelling errors in the dialogue, text being too big and inconsistent, and transparent backgrounds being buggy for a few readers.

I am going to run through the archive and fix up as many of these as I can this week.

  • Fixed text & transparency issues.
  • Added sound effects to panels.
  • Added patterns to backgrounds.
  • Recompressed files as smaller .jpgs.
  • Fixed site background gradient issue.

I think it would be neat if the text size and fonts were consistent throughout the comic, even if my art style has changed a lot over the course of half a year.

Hope you enjoy the outcome!

Fan art

I’m still itching for some great Fan art!

If you have the time, enjoy the comic, and want to express your love, please feel free to contribute.

You never know, you might get something in return if I ever find a bucket of time to dip my head into!

Thanks for reading, keep telling me about site issues and other features you’d like to see in the future!