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Dev Blog Update #3

Let’s dig into this week’s Dev Blog entry!


I going to be introducing a new page labelled Spare Parts or Extras, that leads to  a special section of the site, where a whole bunch of neat behind the scenes stuff will be available for you to enjoy.

I am not going to say exactly what they are yet, though!

Fan art

A big thank you to everyone who has already contributed fan art to the site!

I am currently accepting all kinds of art, so if you have something you want to send, go right ahead!

Once I reach a few more images I will open up the page for everyone to see.

If I find some free time among my hectic schedule I will be sure to repay the favour and draw something of yours, too!

Social promotion & voting

Facebook currently has 70 likes and Google+ has over 90 followers.

Let’s get those numbers up!

If you use either Facebook or Google+ please check out the Crazy Sunshine pages, I would love to get all readers involved, but I need your help to do so!

Link exchange

I will be adding a small list of featured Webcomics I enjoy reading to the sidebar, underneath the gadgets. I have received permission from a few other artists already, who have already placed a link to Crazy Sunshine on their page.

If you would like to be on the exchange, please let me know and add a link back! This list will be limited, so get in there quick!

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #3

  1. Woah, thanks for mentioning me!
    I am really grateful you did this, it must be really hard making a webcomic, so, I guess that any encouragement goes a long way for you!
    Once more, keep up the good work! ^^

    1. No problems!

      It’s hard for me since I work from 8-8 every day and have to study Japanese in my free time to be able to maintain a relationship with my girlfriend who cannot speak English…

      …But all justifications aside, it is a lot of 3am bedtimes to get comic strips done. 😛

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