Dev Blog Update #2

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It’s time for another Dev Blog update!

Here’s what’s been going on!


    • Added a bit more detail to the site’s background image

Winter character designs

I am currently brainstorming some winter character designs for the cast of Crazy Sunshine.

Even the strongest of beasts and dumbest of angels need some extra layers during the cold, cruel, winter months.

Holiday comic schedule

There will be some special comic updates on Christmas and again at New Years, so make sure to check back after you sober up!


Thanks for reading!

11/11 Pocky Day

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Happy Pocky Day, everyone!

What, you don’t know what Pocky is?

Oh, man.


Pocky is a simple Japanese confectionery that comes in the form of many long, chocolate covered biscuits.

The milk chocolate and strawberry flavours are quite popular in the West, where they are known as Mikado.

Japan, however, seems to favour such flavors as green tea and adult chocolate.




Infact, Japan loves to label a bunch of stuff as 大人 (adult).

There was a question about it in a previous test I sat.

It’s actually quite hard to explain.


Labelling something as 大人 (adult) in Japan is similar to labelling something as for him or for her in the west.

It’s a very transparent method of trying to appeal to grown ups.


But that’s not all!

In the case of food, it usually has something to do with having a richer, fuller taste compared to the kind of food that younger people buy.

However in some cases, it’s actually a blander version of food, due to the difficulties of burning calories as you get older.


Wait, we’re not done yet.

Labelling something as ADULT (アダルト) in romaji letters means it is neither of the above, but instead 100% NSFW.


So, at the end of the day, you’ll either be coming home with some really rich chocolate, some really bland chocolate, or chocolate that is shaped like a dick.


Anyway, Pocky Day falls on November 11th (11/11) as the numbers resemble four Pocky sticks.

Japanese marketing is great.

Sonic Generations

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Sonic Generations is out in just 1 hour and I haven’t been excited about a game like this in AGES.

Get it?


When I was but a wee bairn, everyone in my neighbourhood grew up with Sega.

Everyone who didn’t own a Mega Drive was mad jealous of those who did.

I mean, c’mon.

They had blast processing.


It wasn’t until the Sega Saturn came out that things started heating up between my friends.

I would get into fights at school with Playstation fanboys, clutching my copy of NiGHTS while trying to explain that just because it came with its own, unique controller doesn’t make it lame.

You just don’t understand, I would say.

Sonic R is supposed to be braindead easy so that everyone can enjoy it!


Ah, the console wars.

We all have our own beloved memories of that era.

But at one point, Sega stopped making home consoles.

The kids on the block who I grew up with, lamenting over their dust-covered Dreamcasts would occasionally ask me if I kept playing mine, or if I too would join them for a few rounds of Halo.

Yeah, I kept playing it.

Even to this day, nothing beats Sonic Adventure’s Chao Garden.


Now that I am in Japan, with new games being thrown in my face every second day, I often think about how much things have changed from when I first turned on my Mega Drive.

However, there is one thing that will always remain the same.

My love for that little, blue hedgehog.


It’s been an amazing 20 years, Sonic.

Keep on running, you magnificent bastard.