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Dev Blog Update #1

Crazy Sunshine is a whopping four months old and still hasn’t been eradicated from the face of the earth.

Champagne all around!

Welcome to the first of many Development Blog entries.

What’s a Dev Blog?

I want to use these entries as a transparent way of communicating with you, the reader, regarding topics such as:

  • The current situation of the comic and the site.
  • Current changes, developments and future directions I want to explore.
  • Current and future goals I want to achieve.
  • Various bug fixes or cross platform issues regarding the site based on your feedback.

Crazy Sunshine is my first webcomic and first ever attempt at trying to make anything worthwhile with my art.

In saying that, I can take critique pretty well and think it would be great if I could get some amazing feedback from everyone in the comment section of these entries.

Let’s start this first entry with a bunch of questions submitted through previous comic comment sections!

What is Crazy Sunshine?

Crazy Sunshine is both the name of this portfolio website and the title of a gag comic revolving around the lives of four unlikely friends who live under the same roof.

It’s also the title of a killer song by rock band The Pillows.

I wanted to begin the webcomic as a lighthearted series with little to no main plot.

After getting to know the characters a little, I wanted to make sure anyone could jump in and enjoy each self-contained strip.

There’s too many characters, I don’t know who is who!

While most gag strips usually consist of two people throwing mad bantz around until one of them eventually freak out, I felt throwing four or five different characters into the mix might add a bit more flavour, leaving the gate open to create multiple scenarios without jokes getting stale.

I intend to fully develop each character’s backstory, goals, and personality to the point where you should be able to tell them apart.

I might also look into changing their designs a bit, too.

it would be great if you stuck around to watch them grow up!

Your art is brilliant but your writing is poor and confuses me.

I admit, my writing sucks. Why do you think I decided to take up art instead?

Unfortunately, comics cannot be comics without good writing, and really want to improve.

A lot of strips so far are similar to Japanese 4koma gags, where words and speech are omitted and rely on character expressions to set up or deliver the punchline.

I draw a lot of inspirations from Keiichi Arawi’s Nichijou and Kiyohiko Azuma’s Azumanga Daioh series.

You should check them out!


Thanks for all your feedback so far! See you in the next Dev Blog entry!

6 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #1

  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I love your art style and I think your site looks slick. Your sense of humor is (almost) totally on the mark, too. It’s awesome to see someone with both drawing AND humorous talent at once.

    Would it be strange to hear if I said your art style reminds me of the artist behind Wario Ware, whose name I don’t recall? Well, that crossed with the art from “The World Ends With You.”

    Anyway, the site looks fabulous, really like the strips. Good times. Good work!

    1. Oh my goodness, what a surprising comment! Thank you very much. I will try to work on my humour and writing!

      I love the art for Warioware, the Rhythm Heaven series, and the bold Sonic Adventure illustrative style. I really want to try incorporating them into the comic (line width, shades etc.) but one step at a time!

      Also, saying my art looks like the almighty Nomura? Lies, all lies!

      Thanks again!

      1. You’re completely welcome to it!

        Not to discount the complimentary intent of my previous post, but I’d like to clarify where the “Nomura” comment came from. I find that you tend to use color schemes that resemble his. Also, your drawings kind of vary between smooth curves and harsher angles. The angular parts remind me of his outlines. Make sense?

        1. Oh right, that makes sense now. I would love to incorporate his use of hard shadow techniques but I am really bad at telling where shadows actually go. Perhaps if it were on the characters only it would make them stand out against the BG, but again, guess it takes practice!

          I love angular stuff, I guess it comes from anime too. I’m a huge fan of anything developed by Gainax so I guess it’s natural that I would be influenced by them.

          I would like it a bit more pointy though, I dunno. I really don’t wanna keep changing the style in such a short timespan!

  2. =D I’m really enjoying the comic Jkun =3

    Also 2/3 above quoted people seem like relations of Shelbie, thus, should be ignored, or tormented, Lacie style.

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