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What’s in a name?

I am always reluctant to give my current e-mail address to new people that I meet. When I created it all those years ago, I thought it was cool.

Now it’s just embarrassing.


When we create a username, we try to define or express ourselves in one or two words.


It could be that high school nickname that stuck with us all these years.

The name of our favourite videogame character.

The name of our favourite videogame character’s one-winged arch nemesis.

Or simply “HairyButt420”.

We all make a choice and stick by it until the bitter end.


So, what’s in my name?


When I first took the internet seriously…


Haha, I know, right?


Anyway, I was really into Sonic the Hedgehog.

Heck, I still am.

My first recollection of creating a username was for some really old chat sites such as AOL and, where I went by Sonic_Fan_1986.


Just let that sink in for a second.


11 years ago I created my first ever website through Tripod.

Remember Tripod?

The site I built and raised like my very own child was known as Angel Island Zone, and surprise surprise, it was a Sonic the Hedgehog fan site, filled with delusional fanfics and incoherent ramblings from yours truly.


The best part is it still exists!


14 years old and raking in those incredible 3 unique visitors per day.

That level of intense internet fame just wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted more.


I needed to change my image. I needed to be cooler.

With the release of Sega’s Dreamcast in 2000, nothing was cooler than the new baddie from Sonic Adventure, or so I thought.


I know, I’ll make my own, original gigantic, emerald devouring water monster and name him after me!

And so, Chaoz Jamez was born, and stuck with me for a decade and a half.



I pioneered the ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL movement before it became a thing!


To this day I still use Chaoz Jamez as my default mail address.

It’s just so endearing!


14 year old me was such a little idiot.


As for my pen name Jkun, a bunch of friends at a local anime club simply shortened “James” to “Jay” then stuck “kun” on the end.

I mean, that’s what they do in anime so why not do it in real life?


Much like Chaoz Jamez, Jkun also seemed to stick with me until present day, and ended up being the name of my Final Fantasy XI character.

Now that I am living in Japan, people call me Jkun unironically.


All-in-all, my nicknames could have been worse.


Yours truly,

xXxSephiroth85xXx Jkun

7 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. A bit late to answer this but hey, I feel like it haha.

    OK this is also a long story for me 🙂 its not TOO embarrassing though. I don’t remember all the fine details of some things too :(.

    Ok I honestly dont recall exactly what my “first” username is. I want to think its Cozza987, but I get that feeling im forgetting something.

    Ok, I started using kinda getting into internet when I was say, 9 years old. Im 15 now so back in 2005, back then me and my 16 year old aunt, and my 12 year old brother had a thing going for the anime of Inuyasha, Cozza is a copy(whilst changing the letter K to C) and the 987 was just easy to remember. And I kept that for quite some time.

    Then on to I believe, Tenshi987(again the 987 is just easy to remember XD) Ok this isnt hard to figure out if you already know that “Tenshi” is Japanese, for a few things actually but I used for the fact that it could mean Angel. It sounded cool to me at the time lol. That was about 2007 I think.

    I then started to go by Zerphyris, this was a thing for the word Zephyr I had had, it sounded cool and that’s all I needed.

    I didn’t use that for long though about late 2008 I started to go into what you could say was a “Dark period”, you could call just hitting puberty, but it ugh went a bit over that compared to many people, it got close ish to emo but I wasn’t into 99% of the stuff they were, still being the video game anime geek that I always will be. I went KiraRequim. This was a user I used for about 2 years till about the beginning of 2010 that I decided it was time to leave that behind(I used my email address anyways though, it was convenient) As for the meaning of it? Well Kira could be translated into “Death” from Jap. And a Requiem is a mass of corpses. See my point?

    Yeah well, things have changed and that’s long since pasted. Zerosion is my current username and its one I intend to keep. It’s something I thought long and hard about. On the toilet nonetheless but long.

    I didn’t really inted for me to like it so much but iv’e begun to use it so much it’s become sort of a nickname and persona for my online world lol. It’s not something people use so it’s recognizable. At least mostly, google it and on the first 3 pages all you’ll have is 99% my own and a one man band, as well as a contracting place in Australia.

    It’s not uncommon for people to go through a ton usernames though haha, but im happy with what ive got.

  2. I had some pretty retarded usernames back in the day, let’s leave it at that.

    Nowadays I go by SeannyJ because my first name is Sean and my middle name is James. For some reason on deviantart I picked SeannyJay instead, I dunno.

    Also, that webpage made my eyeballs bleed. Then I noticed that HAIRCUT and my eyeballs exploded. Fortunately I keep a spare pair in a nearby jar of fluid.

    1. We are like James-brothers.

      But seriously, I must have been smoking some seriously good crack at 14 to think putting yellow text on a bright blue background looked cool and edgy.

  3. Thats funny since, when i came active on the internet(2006- mainly in 2008), i too had a sonic username, Sonicfanjohn.. urgh. xD F*ck yeah, sonic fans for life..yeah..!

    Wow the hair style is retro xD
    Funny thing is, your photoshoping ten years ago is better than i do at this moment. xD

    Thats why Jkun came around? Wow xD I thought it was because you were in Japan and it sounds cool,then again i should have guess that since you haven’t been there forever.

    I’ve never really had that many user names, i’ve had, three so far, on xbox live, a few, but my online ones are pretty sad, sonicfanjohn, john-the-hedgie (based off a close friends drawing of me in hedgehog form >> yeah, i know) and now Rabid-Noodles, Rabid, because death-rabbies was a live username i had, and i like the word rabbies alot too. And noodles because since i was 6 too 12 or something near that, i used to have noodles for breakfast, dinner and evening 24/7. So, i’ve stuck with it everywhere, except you tube.

    I must seem like a stalker by now xD

    1. I totally forgot about Youtube.

      My name there is unique, I used to use it for FFXI videos so went by “JkunFenrir” as Fenrir was the server I played on. That account was linked my Google profile so I kinda had to stick with it since I got an Android phone and stuff, bleh.

      I don’t play anymore though.

      And hey, I am eating noodles right now!! Diet ones! They are horrible!

      1. ouch xD

        Diet noodles? bleh, i’d hate to imagine how they taste….then again, i used to love the noodles from tesco, they cost about 8p xD I’m a cheap fuck.

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