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Trolled by Coke

After the gym today I decided to hit up the usual vending machine.

I was really in the mood for a Coke.


After slamming in my 150 yen and carrying my cool, sweet beverage back to the car, nothing really struck me as odd.

Feels cold, yep.

Feels heavy, like usual.

Oh man, I can’t wait to down this in one go!


I popped the car into first gear and drove up to the first set of traffic lights.

I wonder why this Coke can says Happy Kan on the side? Whatever, Japan is just weird like that.


As I hit the second set of traffic lights, I reached for the can and something felt off.

Well, technically not off, but on.

Welded on, in fact.


After further inspection before the lights turned green, I noticed the ring pull was simply engraved onto the top of the can.


Third set of lights. I managed to find another little opening near the top, so I twist the lid and to my utter amazement this comes out:


A pair of cheap headphones and, hold on, are those weights?


Yeah! They totally are!

Giant, red, plastic weights.

Alright then!

Anyone got a spare 150 yen before I die of thirst?